Chandraboti Hair Removal Cream


Composition- Aloevera, Almond Oil, Cucumber, Lomshatan Tel.

Net Weight – 30g

Achieve superior, long-lasting smoothness with Chandraboti Hair Removal Cream. It works close to the root of your hair, giving you silky and smooth skin at home in just few minutes.



Direction Of Use – Use carved part of spatula and spread the cream on hair with a full coat.leave the cream on your skin for 3 minutes.Use spatula on a test area to remove the cream.if the hair comes away easily,use spatula wider on applied area and remove fully.Hpwever if your hair is more hard,leave the cream for 6 minutes to the maximum.Please do not keep it for a longer period. Rinse your skin thoroughly with noemal water to remove cream then dry.



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