Maroon Liquid Sindoor

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Chandra’s Chandraboti Liquid Sindoor (Maroon Colour)

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Chandraboti Maroon Liquid Sindoor is a modern take on the traditional sindoor, offering convenience and ease of application while retaining its cultural significance and aesthetic appeal. Formulated with safe and skin-friendly ingredients, our Liquid Sindoor provides a vibrant and long-lasting color, perfect for daily wear or special occasions. This liquid form ensures a smooth application, preventing any mess or smudging, and is available in various shades to suit different preferences and skin tones.

Benefits of Using Liquid Sindoor:

Easy Application: The liquid form allows for precise and smooth application, avoiding the mess associated with traditional powder sindoor.

Long-Lasting: The high-quality pigments ensure that the color stays vibrant and intact throughout the day without fading or smudging.

Skin-Friendly: Formulated with Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E, the sindoor is gentle on the skin, preventing irritation and dryness.

Convenient: The compact and portable packaging makes it easy to carry and use anywhere, perfect for both daily use and travel.

Variety of Shades: Available in multiple shades, you can choose the one that best suits your skin tone and preference.

Cultural Significance: Retains the traditional and cultural importance of sindoor. It symbolizes marital status and invoking a sense of respect and reverence.

Enhances Beauty: Adds a touch of elegance and enhances the overall look, complementing traditional Indian attire beautifully.

Safe Ingredients: Made with safe and non-toxic ingredients, ensuring that it is safe for regular use without any adverse effects.

Embrace the blend of tradition and modernity with our Liquid Sindoor. It is designed to offer the perfect combination of convenience, safety, and elegance for every woman.


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